Gaming Headset Buying Guide – Things You Should Know Before Buy

Gaming Headset Buying Guide

Are you going to buy a gaming headset?

But cannot made up your mind which one is best for you and what factors you should consider before buying one.  Here is a guide which will help you to select your gaming headset.

Headsets are an integral part of the gaming world and getting far more advanced day by day. Years ago gaming used to be a mode of entertainment or passing time but with time gaming has become a religion for gamers.

Computers evolved with time so does the games on PCs and Xbox or other gaming consoles. The games have evolved 200times than their ancestors within a span of 10 to 15years.

And with them, the gamers have evolved too. Every year new technology is replacing the old one.

In the gaming world, high-resolution video quality and sound is becoming an integral part. Now if you buy a PC or Xbox or any console with latest features within a week a better update comes in market. But a good quality headset will serve you for years to come. So hardcore gamers prefer to buy an ideal headset which will serve their purpose and give the best quality sound and comfort within a fair price range. Gamers look for a headset with best quality sound because it gives an upper hand while gaming, helps you to listen subtle sound changes in the background and foremost satisfaction while gaming. And of course, a good quality gives you the most realistic experience and treat to the ears when you are in your gaming world. Check best gaming headset under 100 for pc, Xbox, PS4.

Gaming Headset Buying Guide – Complete Information about a Gaming Headset

Compatibility across platforms:

The first thing you should look for while buying a gaming headset is that if the particular headset you want to buy is compatible with your PC or Xbox or Playstation or Gaming console. You don’t want to end up buying a product that will not work on your device and lose money in this process. Actually there are certain set of headsets that work on a single kind of device. Headsets compatible with across all platforms are rare and very expensive.


The second thing that comes to every gamers mind (hardcore or moderate) is that his headset must be a comfortable one, because even a moderate gamer tends to wear his headset for hours while gaming leaving the hardcore ones who wears it most hours of the day. So what are the things you must look for in a gaming headset which makes it comfortable?

Gaming is nothing like listening to music or watching a movie on your laptop so you have to wear your headset for long hours on your head. Now keeping something on your head for so long can be tiring and results in headache or pain to your ears so you must choose a headset which is made of quality lightweight materials. Light headset will provide you less strain in long hours of gaming. Then comes earcupping and headband, you must be careful not to choose a headset which is too tight for your head causing headache. It will give you discomfort in your gaming experience. Although every gamer has personal preferences but generally branded products are mostly comfortable. Cheap headsets tend to give you additional features like stylish look but compromising your comfort. Sweating is another problem that causes discomfort. Ear cups must have enough padding that cover your whole ear and keep your ears dry.

In short go for lightweight headset which has flexible headband and ear padding that doesn’t sweat your ears easily as well as covers your whole ears.

Wired Or Wireless headset:

Using wired or wireless headset completely depends on the personal preference of individual gamers. And on the platform you are gaming on. For those who game on PCs generally use wired one whereas those who play games on gaming consoles like Xbox or Playstation use wireless one. But both types of headsets have some advantages and disadvantages.

Let us first talk about the wireless ones. They seem cool and stylish, and you can use them from long distance like in Xbox where a gamer uses a big TV screen and had to sit far away from the console for gaming. Wired ones doesn’t provide cables long enough to enjoy your game from a couch 10ft away. So wireless ones are perfect choice for these type of gaming. But with this advantage comes a disadvantage. Yes a disadvantage. The battery.  The battery of such headsets may give up in the middle of long gaming. You have to recharge it frequently. While gaming intensely this might be a major upset to gamers. Another slight issue is interference of signals. As wireless headset use signals to operate other signals of mobile or wifi may cause disturbance. You had to compromise your sound quality in this case. Most people don’t like such disturbances.

In case of wired ones, the only disadvantage is the cable length, so you cannot use it in gaming consoles. Apart from this there is no other disadvantage. Pro gamers prefer wired headset because they are not keen on compromising there sound quality for anything. And there is no worry about recharging it daily. Just plug in and enjoy. Another advantage is the port mechanism. The wired ones come with both 3.5mm jack which gives you a multitasking feature, you can also use it in mobile or laptop.

So if you want prefect sound experience without any disturbance like outside interference of signals and battery draining out, go for the wired ones.

Surround Or Stereo:

Pro gamers always prefer surround headset because this type of headsets contain set of 8 channels that process the sound and enhance the output. Stereo headsets use only two channels right and left and do not amplify the sound they just give the output just like the input given to them. Stereo headset gives the gamer a feel of 2D sound whereas Surround headsets give the gamers a feel of 3D. In Surround headsets you can hear every small or minute detail in happening background of a game which gives you an upper hand while gaming (danger approaching, footsteps, etc) because this headsets break down the original sound and puts it through more than to channels, giving you a feel the sound is coming from different directions. In stereo headsets there is every possible chance of missing these minute details in background and directional audio feeling. But if you plan to use your headset in activities other than gaming such as listening to music you can go with stereo because surround audio headsets are not good with music.


Every gaming headset come with a microphone attached to it. If you are a moderate gamer who plays single player games and thinking why do you need a microphone for? Then the answer is for multiplayer games or streaming live while gaming. Microphone is a very important part for the games that are played on online multiplayer platforms. It is used to talk to other players or partners gaming with you. While choosing headsets with microphones always go for those which has active noise cancelation feature. It will eliminate or reduce crosstalk and interferences around you and the other player will hear clean voice of yours. Again gaming headsets contain microphone with omni-directional and uni-directional feature. For gaming purpose choose the uni-directional one.

With technological advancements like today some gaming headphones also have additional feature of removable microphone. This gives you an upper hand while playing offline games that do not require a mic to speak into. Not everybody likes a mic to hang in your face while not needed.

Open or Closed headsets:

As the names suggests, open headsets are those ones whose ear cups don’t cover your ear fully and on the other hand closed headset covers your ears fully.

Selection of this factor completely depends on you. A closed headset will completely eliminate unwanted sounds from outside helping you to concentrate on the game with full focus. In open headsets there remains a chance of the mic catching the sound from your headset.

Gamers around the world suggest that closed headsets are best for gaming.


Headsets nowadays come with all sorts of ports like single 3.5mm jack, double 3.5mm jack, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth. You must select this on basis of your gaming device.


For durability, you have no other option than to rely on brand or on reviews on the internet by gamers who have used the product. You can always try your luck with new products launched in the market and be a winner in the bet.


Brand selection is completely your choice. Some gamers rely on particular brands and some try different brands every time. Some gamers prefer local brands rather than international ones. Obvious reasons are best brands cost more than the local or small brands but offering same features.


Pricing is the most important aspect of buying a gaming headset. Pricing of gaming headsets depends on branding and features it contained. More features would cost you more as simple as that. Brands always tend to raise the base price of these headsets. The good news is if you are not a brand addict then you can always get your a product that contains all the features you desire or some even more inside your budget. If you need a suggestion or guide then consider reading this reviews of best gaming headphones under 100.

Always compare the price online and offline whichever is easy before buying your gaming headset. Don’t always trust the brand with your eyes closed. Some brands cost more than actual because of licensing certificates.


We can wrap up things saying that always keep in mind what you need and you don’t. Buy that is in your budget and you are comfortable with. Don’t compromise with your sound quality at any cost because of it the sole purpose of your buying a gaming headset. Don’t forget to consider the other factors discussed above.

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