Best Lawn Edgers 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

If you care about the look of your lawn then you know how much work it takes to achieve a perfect look.

Doing all the work manually is a tough job. A lawn edger could minimize the work and effort from your side to a great extent.

But I hope you will agree that with so many of them out there, it’s difficult to choose the perfect one for you,


That’s why I compiled a list of best lawn edgers in this article.

I will also provide you detailed information about the enlisted products, and an additional buyer’s guide.

So, what are we waiting for?

Best Lawn Edgers 2022

To make it easier for you, I have divided the selected products into three different categories.

These are Electric Lawn Edgers, Battery Lawn Edgers, and Gas Lawn Edgers. There is a total of six products on this list for today’s article.

RankingLawn Edger nameTypesPrice
#1Black+Decker LE750Electric See details
#2 WORX WG896Electric See details
#3Black+Decker LST420Battery See details
#4Black+Decker LSTE523 Battery See details
#5Troy-Bilt TB516 EC Gas See details
#6McLane 801 5.50GT Gas See details

Electric Lawn Edgers:

Two products have been chosen for the electric lawn edgers category.

1. Black+Decker LE750 – Electric Lawn Edger with Best Motor

[amazon_link asins=’B00004DTNH’ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fff0df18-7080-11e7-8064-dd300467a82f’]

If you are looking for an electric lawn edger with a brilliant motor, don’t go further than the Black+Decker LE750. The brand is a big name in the market and they have not disappointed in this product as well.


The machine runs on a 12 amp, 2-1/4 HP motor. The motor supplies a 150 Pounds of torque. This much power makes the job easier. It can smoothly handle all the grass and shrubs.

Blade Depth Adjustment:

It has a three blade depth adjustment feature. The feature lets you control how deep you want to make the cut. You will have full control over every work. However, they are not suited for heavy work and for sharp edges. The length of the blades is 7-1/2 inches.

Edge Converter:

There is an edge converter included for more convenience. It makes you able to turn the device from a lawn edger to trencher. You can also dig pretty easily along with cutting down the grass.

Assist Handle:

The Black+Decker LE750 is equipped with an assist handle for better convenience and leverage. It can be handled by both right and left-handed persons which add to its benefits. You can now have more flexibility on your works.


With a weight of 15.1 Pounds, the lawn edger is quite lightweight. The compact design makes it even better. It is really easy to carry around with you for long hours.

Cord Retention:

An onboard cord retention system helps to keep the power cord organized and untangled and offers you better convenience.

  • 12 amp powerful motor generates 150 Pounds torque to get the job done
  • Offers better versatility, can be used as a lawn edger as well as a trencher
  • Three blade depth adjustment system gives you more control over the machine
  • It’s a bit difficult to cut the thicker grass
  • Doesn’t work so well on sharp edges


Q: Does it work for a left handed person?
A: Yes, it does. There’s an assist handle for that.
Q: Is it good enough for sharp edges?
A: Unfortunately, no.
Q: Does it have an adjustable handle?
A: Yes, it does have one.

Final Opinion:

The Black+Decker LE750 is perfect for anyone who wants an electric lawn edger with a powerful motor. However, if you are looking for a lawn edger to do some heavy work. consider a different product.

2. WORX WG896 – Electric Lawn Edger Best for Small Yards

[amazon_link asins=’B00Q6EH7DW’ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0b508e45-7081-11e7-8edc-e5350f59ea7e’]

Are you searching for an electric lawn edger for your lawn? Is it only a small yard? Then go for the WORX WG896. It is the best in class for tackling small yards.


The product operates on a 12 amp motor. It is good enough for handling all the grass and shrubs on a small yard but isn’t the best for a bigger one.

Blade Depth Adjustment:

There is a three blade depth adjustment system in the machine. It makes you able to control the work more precisely. The length of the blades is 7.5 inches. It gives a cutting depth of up to 1.5 inches. However, the blades are not good enough for thicker grass and shrubs.

Cutting Line Indicator:

The WORX WG896 is equipped with a cutting indicator. It shows exactly where the blade is when you are making a cut. This, in turn, lets you cut with more precision and better convenience.

Adjustable Shaft:

The product has an adjustable shaft for better comfort. Whether you are tall or short, you can use the machine with ease because of it.  It’s a bit short on the length although.


The lawn edger weighs 16 Pounds. Although it is not bulky, it’s on the heavier side when compared other products in the category.

  • Cutting Indicator for better precision
  • Adjustable shaft for added comfort
  • Three blade adjustment system for more control
  • Cord is quite short
  • Shaft length is a bit short as well


Q: Does it come with a cord?
A: Yes, it does but it’s a bit short. So it’s suggested that you buy an extension cord as well.
Q: What's the working voltage of the product?
A: It works on 120 volts.
Q: Is it good enough for sharp edges?
A: Yes, it is.

Final Opinion:

If you only want to work on a small yard, the WORX WG896 is an ideal lawn edger to work with. It is designed specifically for this purpose. You will get the worth of your money.

Battery Lawn Edgers:

For battery lawn edgers, I have selected two products for this list.

3. Black+Decker LST420 – Battery Lawn Edger For Longest Run Time

[amazon_link asins=’B00HXCPC6K’ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’16f02c03-7081-11e7-a3ca-abc4dbc39516′]

Are you looking for a lawn edger powered by a battery with the longest run time? Then the Black+Decker LST420 is the best-suited product for you.

Lithium Battery:

The lawn edger runs on two 2-amp Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries provide 33% more power than other conventional batteries. This means you get to use them for longer.

20V Max System:

With the 20V Max System, you can the same batteries on other compatible devices. This lets you save on power consumption which lets you save on your bills. This, in turn, is environment-friendly as well.

PowerDrive Transmission:

The product is equipped with a unique feature, the PowerDrive Transmission Technology. This feature supplies more power to the cutting string from the motor. As a result, the trimming work gets smoother and less time-consuming.

Runtime Extension Technology:

The machine comes with a Runtime Extension Technology. The feature extends the time the machine works with fully charged batteries. It also gives a better trimming performance. A dual mode accelerator switch controls the feature.

Automatic Feed Spool:

There is an automatic feed spool for added convenience. The spool helps to protect the lawn edger from bumps and jams. As a result, you will get a smooth trimming operation.

  • PowerDrive Transmission generates more power to run the work better
  • Runtime Extension Technology increases the machine run time with fully charged batteries
  • Automatic Feed Spool protects the product from bumps and jams and makes the trimming easier
  • Build quality is average
  • After a few uses, the battery life reduces up to 50%


Q: Is it available with a charger?
A: Yes, it comes with a charger.
Q: What is the weight of the product?
A: It weighs about six pounds.
Q: Does the charger automatically shuts off after a full charge?
A: Yes, it does.

Final Opinion:

The Black+Decker LST420 is the perfect lawn edger for you if you want a battery powered lawn edger with the longest run time.

4. Black+Decker LSTE523 – Battery Lawn Edger with Best Maneuver

[amazon_link asins=’B017PD6TB8′ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2329e614-7081-11e7-9daf-57e7f628fb63′]

If you want a battery powered lawn edger with more maneuver, then the Black+Decker LSTE523 is the best lawn edger for you.


The lawn edger provides you with the utmost maneuver. It can be converted from a trimmer to a wheeled lawn edger. You can do anything from trimming the bushes to cutting the branches.

Power Drive Transmission:

The Power Drive Transmission technology helps in extending the torque. This, in turn, increases the performance of the lawn edger.

Two Speed Control:

There is a two-speed control feature that enables you to handle the product on high speed and low speed. While the higher speed is best suited for the heavy duty trimming and cutting, it decreases the battery life. On the other hand, using the lower speed helps you to run the machine for longer periods.

Easy feed System:

The easy feed system lets you advance the line of the product with just a push of a button. It helps you to reach the hard to reach areas and avoids bumps and jams.

20V Max System:

The 20V Max System enables you to use the battery on other compatible products. This, in turn, saves power and is environment-friendly as well.

  • Can be converted into a trimmer from a lawn edger
  • Power Drive Transmission generates more torque and better performance
  • Two-speed control lets you control the speed with more freedom
  • Inefficient for heavy duty work
  • Takes long hours to recharge


Q: Does it come with a battery and charger?
A: Yes, it does.
Q: Is it possible to use a 40V Lithium-ion on this?
A: No, it can’t be used.
Q: How much time does it take to charge fully?
A: Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Final Opinion:

The Black+Decker LSTE523 is perfect for you if you are searching for a battery lawn edger with the ultimate maneuver.

Gas Lawn Edgers:

I have chosen two lawn edgers for the Gas Lawn Edger category on this article.

5. Troy-Bilt TB516 EC – Gas Lawn Edger with Best Engine

[amazon_link asins=’B004LWYS1A’ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2eae5ae6-7081-11e7-bad6-ef9ea616451a’]

If you are searching for a gas lawn edger with a powerful engine that does the job with ease, look no further than the Troy-Bilt TB516 EC.


The product runs on a 29-cc 4-cycle Premium engine. The engine delivers more than enough power to run the trimming operation with the utmost comfort.

Spring Assist Starting:

The Spring Assist Starting Technology lets you start the machine with just a single pull. However, it does not come with a push button start. It also includes a Jump Start feature. It enables the machine to start without the use of your hand with the help of a Lithium-ion battery.


The lawn edger is equipped with a 9 inches dual tipped steel blade. Along with the basic trimming, the blade is also capable of cutting clean edges along the driveways and sideways. It can cut through branches that are up to 1.75  inches deep.

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomically designed body gives you the ultimate comfort. The handle is padded to give you more comfort in tackling the machine.


With 28.8 Pounds of weight, the product is quite lightweight in its category. Three premium transport wheels make it even easier to drag it around with you. Now use your edger for long hours without getting exhausted.

  • 29-cc 4-cycle engine provides powerful performance
  • Spring Start Assisting starts the machine with an easy and smooth pull
  • 9 inches dual-tipped steel blade can cut through branches thick up to 1.75 inches
  • Relatively small fuel tank holds less fuel
  • Prone to damage


Q: Can I use it on curbs?
A:  Yes, you can.
Q: Do I need to mix fuel and oil?
A: No. It’s a 4-cycle engine that doesn’t need mixing fuel and oil.
Q: Does it need regular maintenance?
A: Yes, it’s suggested as it is prone to damage.

Final Opinion:

The Troy-Bilt TB516 EC is the ideal gas lawn edger to buy if you are interested in getting a gas lawn edger with a powerful engine that does its job fantastically well.

6. McLane 801 5.50GT – Gas Lawn Edger with Best Blades

[amazon_link asins=’B001SARMPM’ template=’CustomTemplate’ store=’bestdigiworld-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’393758f4-7081-11e7-9249-b3fdaf2739ef’]

Looking for a gas powered lawn edger with the best quality blades? Here is your answer, the McLane 801 5.50 GT. The brand is a reputed one in the lawn edger market and this product has lived up to its reputations.


The product has a 3.5 horsepower motor. The motor generates a gross torque of 4.75. This amount of power tackles all the trimming and cutting work of your lawn and yard pretty easily.


9 inches edging blade enables you to trim all the shrubs and grass from the garden and lawn. Your home will look better than ever. Made with high-quality stainless steel, the blades are best-in-class in its category.

Depth Control:

The machine is equipped with a single level clutch and depth control. The feature gives you the ultimate freedom to control how deep you want to trim or cut the grasses and shrubs on your lawn or yard.


With its weight of 67 Pounds, the lawn edger is definitely on the heavier side. However, the 8 inches four wheels make it less uncomfortable to drag the machine.

  • 3.5 horsepower motor generates 4.75 gross torque to get the job done
  • 9 inches edging blade is best-in-class in performance
  • The depth control gives you freedom on choosing how deep to cut
  • On the heavier side
  • Average build quality


Q: Can it also be used as a tiller?
A: No, it’s strictly a lawn edger.
Q: Is it lightweight?
A: No, it’s quite heavy.
Q: Does it include a Curb wheel?
A: Yes, it has a curb wheel.

Final Opinion:

The McLane 801 5.50GT should be your go-to lawn edger if you want a gas lawn edger with the finest blades that trims like a dream.

Lawn Edgers Buyer’s Guide:

To help you even better, here is the buyer’s guide for you. After reading this guide, you will know everything you need to know in order to make a perfect buy of a lawn edger.

PriceType of WorkTimeManeuverWheels

First and foremost, consider the price of the lawn edger. Take a good look at your budget. How much can you spend? Usually, electric lawn edgers are among the cheapest. Battery powered ones stay in the middle section of the price range. Gas powered lawn edgers are the most expensive ones in the picture. Think about it before you go ahead with the purchase.

What kind of work are you going to do with your lawn edger? Just basic trimming? Go for the electric powered ones. Want something more from your product? Look for battery lawn edgers. Search the gas powered machines when you want to do some heavy duty trimming and cutting.

How much time can you give to trim that garden? If you can an adequate amount of time, you can get away buying a handheld lawn edger. However, if your allotted time is short, go for a more powerful one.

Consider how many maneuvers you need. If it’s just basic trimming work, go for the simple ones. However, you can look for the products with more maneuvers when the work to be done is heavy duty and complicated. Of course, the price gets higher with the added maneuvers.

Think about how many wheels do you need? The lawn edgers usually come with three or four wheels. While three wheels do the job good enough, four wheels add more balance and convenience.


For your consideration, I have chosen a lawn edger from each category as a final choice.

From the electric lawn edger category, I have selected the Black+Decker LE750. It has the best-in-class motor. With blade depth adjustment, edge converter, and an assist handle, it is truly a value for money product.

I have chosen the Black+Decker LST420 from the battery lawn edger category. The two lithium-ion batteries provide longer run time than other lawn edgers in the category. With the 20V Max System, Automatic feed spool, Power Drive Transmission, and Runtime Extension Technology, this product serves all the purposes you can ask for.

Among the gas powered lawn edger category, I have selected the Troy-Bilt TB516 EC. It has the best-in-class 29-cc 4-cycle Premium engine. The Spring Start Assisting, 9 inches dual tipped blade makes it a product that is second to none.

Time to wrap up the article. I hope it was helpful, along with being enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

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