Pole Saw Safety Tips That You Should Know

Pole saw is used to trim up the overhead branches and bushes. However, you should handle it very carefully as it can create a lot of damage in case of manhandling.

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Pole Saw Safety Tips

We are going to share few valuable safety tips while managing pole saw in the best way:

  • The condition of the Saw ensures that it is properly locked and the pole is firm so that nothing slips away accidentally.
  • Cover yourself properly – do not mind wearing boots, snug fitting clothes, heavy duty jacket and I protection accessories to encounter any kind of danger.
  • Keep people around you -people around you would help in case of emergency situation. Initiating the task alone can be full of danger.
  • Check the workability of the machine – ensuring that the machine is an absolute good condition is highly important for reaching out different types of branches and angles. Check it out multiple times and initiate the work only when you are confident enough.
  • Standing distance-make sure that there is a sufficient distance between you and the tree so that you don’t slip away while doing the task.
  • Cutting tension -when the cutting pressure is released, branches can spring back in a random direction that can hit you hard. Always note down the exact direction where the branches are flying.
  • Kickback -the pole saw can give you a check back during chain get stalled. Carefully handle as it can damage the muscular pull of your body.
  • Remain fresh -do not initiate the work when you are tired or reluctant. Sufficient rest would increase your concentration and keep you absolutely away from accidents and mishaps. Also, make sure that others are having a safe distance from the pole especially children and women.
  • Cord extension -in case the pole saw has an extension cord along with it, store it carefully in a way that it does not get entangled. Check out whether it is working properly.
  • Day condition does not go for pruning in adverse weather condition. Rainy season is a big no-no for using pole saw. A favorable weather condition is a must for executing the task properly and safely.
  • Safe storage – after the work has been done, store the pole saw in a dry place and keep it away from pets and children. Do not leave the machine unattended when it is on.

Important pruning tips :

  • do not impose excessive pressure let the machine do its task spontaneously
  • Stand at a particular angle so that your name is comfortable working. Make sure that your limit is available the branches fall
  • Feet apart position is the best. And remember that 45-degree cutting angle should be taken.
  • Force a little pressure on change oil bulb for approximately 30 seconds while cutting. this would look the chain as well as the bar and make it easier to do the task.

Follow all the safety tips carefully and always keep reading more about the suggestions regarding pole saw uses.

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